We turn good ideas into great businesses

Whether it's using client funds or our own, Davidson Capital invests in good ideas. Our involvement can be on any scale, from consultancy to shareholding but our vision and work ethic never change. Davidson Capital was founded on the basis that most hedge funds, consultancies and investment companies are filled with inefficient people that don't know how businesses really tick. That's why we do things differently. We invest in the little guy who has big dreams. We support the entrepreneurs that have tried and failed. Why do we do this? Because in a lot of inefficient businesses success is often down to luck more than effort. Even the little guy has something to teach these big businesses and with the right support and guidance they can take a good idea and make it great.


Davidson Capital handled the set up of a new distribution centre for the import, export and UK wide delivery of consumer products. The new hub was focused around palletised delivery, requiring the creation of new systems and multi level storage facilities.

Distribution Hub Set Up Distributor

Davidson Capital took on the project of launching an entirely new brand for our wealth business. The brand itself was self contained and entirely separate from our entire group. The team not only created the brand, but handled the entire project from creation to BAU including recruiting the team that would run the business once Davidson Capital stood back.

New Brand Launch Wealth Management Group

Davidson Capital transformed our Pay Per Click client acquisition model from something outdated into a lean and efficient team based in their own offices. Our cost per acquisition reduced by over 60% as a result.

Cost Per Acquisition Reduction £150m+ Financial Services Group

Our Skill Set

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